Martin Tate

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Martin is an experienced IT consultant, management consultant and enterprise architect, who connects the customer, supplier, user & IT communities. His strengths on projects are:

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Martin has worked within large, high-profile projects in many areas of commerce & industry, in charities and in the public sector, including:


“Martin concentrated on the area showing both greatest complexity and highest benefit - document and project control. He rapidly evaluated systems against these needs. I can confirm the ‘front runner’ system, before we were introduced to Martin, was both materially flawed for our needs and expensive. Martin found a system that was functionally more capable, met all essential requirements, had greater capacity, quicker roll-out and cost literally one-tenth the cost of the system we originally had in mind. Understandably, this is the system we adopted.” - Grahame Taylor, MD, Devil’s Guide

“Martin’s commercial experience and insight into the thought processes at software suppliers allowed us to understand the problem very quickly. In the workshop, he was able to reassure us that our basic methodology was sound, suggest some simple changes in approach and steer us towards a more collaborative relationship with our vendors. This has paid dividends in terms of acquisition cost, helped us understand our own priorities and ensured that we get the information system that is right for our needs.” - John Clark, Chief Capability Officer, Assystem UK E&I

“Martin is a strategic thinker who has developed powerful techniques for formal decision making in complex situations, when stakeholders have conflicting requirements. When applied to the selection of IT systems these ensure a robust definition of customer requirements, and provide effective selection criteria, ensuring that cost effective systems are selected that fulfil customer requirements.” - Philip Stunell, Engineering Management Consultant

“During the implementation, the selection process has been thoroughly justified. We involved the right people from across the business in the selection process, and nobody can say they were not represented or involved. Although no system is perfect, we have taken a thorough and auditable approach to finding the best fit for the business.” - Peter Ogden, Project Manager for both selection and implementation phases, Biwater

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“Martin understands the most fundamental concept about IT - that the people element is far more important than the technology.” - Paul Murton, Business Adviser at The Skills Company