Claire Wright

What she's best at:

Claire is best known for her extensive knowledge and understanding of the people aspects of organisational change and how to help businesses achieve their goals through their people. She has an aptitude for getting quickly to the heart of the matter, providing clarity and pragmatic solutions to ‘people problems’. Able to think both strategically and at a practical level and to deploy strong analytical and coaching skills, she acts as a catalyst to help translate thought and principle into tangible action. With over 30 years working with organisations of varying size in multiple sectors, she quickly establishes her credibility and tunes into organisations’ and individuals’ real needs and goals - whether they know them or not!

Who she works for:

CEOs, directors and senior managers in organisations undergoing or planning change; this can be at the start involving strategic planning and OD, or at a later stage supporting implementation.

Small groups, often facilitated (e.g. business planning, OD, learning and development, employee engagement, management skills, policy education, employee consultation).

Individuals for coaching, mediation, and employee relations resolution.

Clients include financial services, professional membership, IT services and consulting, charity / not for profit, retail, NHS, automotive manufacture, and small private companies.


Joanna Causon, Chief Executive, The Institute of Customer Service

Claire has provided highly-valued professional HR expertise, advice and practical support to me as CEO and to the wider Institute for several years during a period of significant change and growth.

She has worked with senior directors, managers, and staff at all levels across the whole business, to create and implement specific projects and address a wide range of requirements, including significant organisational change and redesign, restructuring, employee engagement, personal development, performance management, resourcing, assessment, and employee relations.

Claire's extensive HR experience both at a strategic and tactical level enable her to address a wide range of issues, consider options and risks, and identify clear recommendations for action. Highly focused on people development and enhancing individual potential, she is also keen to ensure long term sustainable solutions and is comfortable in standing her own ground. She is also hard-working, flexible, pragmatic and reliable, with a clear commitment to delivering to high standards at both a personal and professional level. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire to any organisation in need of both strategic and tactical insight, guidance and support in bringing about change and improvement.

Susan Northend, European HR Director, Assurant Solutions

I have worked with Claire for over ten years. Her broad HR expertise and ability to build relationships at all levels of the organisation easily mean she is highly effective in influencing and bringing about change. Claire has taken the lead on a number of complex projects and delivered on time, to a high standard and with integrity, bringing analytical rigour and insight to all she does. Claire is fun to work with because her leadership and coaching bring out the best in people.

Graham Heald, Director of Customer Experience at The Institute of Customer Service

Claire is a talented HR professional with a wide range of experiences. She has an eye for detail and cares passionately for the development of both individuals and teams. She will always speak her mind, challenges (appropriately) traditional thinking and looks for alternative solutions. Claire is incredibly hard working and dedicated. It has been a pleasure working with her.

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"Claire has provided highly-valued professional HR expertise, advice and practical support to me as CEO and to the wider Institute for several years during a period of significant change and growth."