Bryan Retallick

Bryan is an expert in Lean Manufacturing, business improvement, and transformation. He is a senior leader with over 25 years’ Manufacturing and transformation experience working primarily in the Automotive industry but has translated these methodologies across all sectors of business. He is experienced in Production Control and planning of automotive manufacturing and Quality Assurance. He also has several years of New Model introduction and has worked at the Honsha Design and Development Plant in Japan for several months whilst executing this responsibility.

Bryans background includes 15 years working for Toyota in Quality Assurance and Production Control. His responsibilities included the day to day running of the plant from the control room and ensuring that the problem management was effectively executed to minimise any impact of production issues on the production run rate. This requires a high standard of planning and practical problem solving skills and extensive stakeholder management and communication capabilities.

The Production control and plant management aspect of Bryans experience gives him depth and breadth of knowledge within automotive manufacturing and he was also responsible for all technical information and sequencing of parts to line, including modular build components, engine build and trim sequencing.

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Bryan has worked with a variety of organisations from all sectors and is an expert at taking the best from the manufacturing world into environments such as back office through to service sectors.


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