Smarter Operations

Achieving operational excellence

Backed up by years of hands-on experience and expertise across all manufacturing industries, our Smarter Operations team works with businesses to ensure maximum efficiency across everything they do.

We can advise on a range of operations activity, including but not limited to: unlocking working capital, supply chain management, product quality assurance, operational excellence solutions and business process engineering and re-design.

Specialists in

Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Inventory improvements, reduced stockholding and cash liberation
  • Globalisation of raw material sourcing and supply
  • Utility cost reductions
  • Optimised in-bound and out-bound logistics

Production Processes

  • Releasing latent production capacity
  • Technology partner sourcing and selection
  • Improving agility and responsiveness


  • Labour cost reductions
  • Sub-contractor cost reductions
  • Managing organisational change

Product Quality

  • Reducing manufacturing waste
  • Increasing compliance rates


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