SME Lifecycle Management

Expert partners to help your business grow

gunnercookeConsulting has created a team of expert Operating Partners to work with private equity businesses and ambitious small and medium sized enterprises.

The role of the Operating Partner can span the full investment cycle, from due diligence to post transaction integration through to a liquidity event or full exit event. Operating Partners are used by investors and boards as a catalyst for change, coaches and mentors. They may oversee short to medium term as well as long-term operational improvement programmes for a portfolio company.

For too long, mid-market businesses have been unable to replicate the use of Operating Partners by larger organisations because of the costs involved. gunnercooke is working to overcome this unfair state of play.

Launched in mid-2017, our Operating Partners specialise in creating value by improving the business models of fast-growth companies. A team of over 20 former CEOs and business leaders, Operating Partners are experts when it comes to mid-market growth.

Specialists in

Pre-Deal Screening

Acting as a due diligence team, Operating Partners can analyse both business and legal risks, and provide appropriate mediation recommendations.

Immediate Post-Deal Review

Support in creating a clear and executable plan where everyone knows their responsibilities.

Mid-Term Push

Ensuring your business doesn’t slip off plan by stepping in to invigorate the management team and troubleshoot problem areas.

Step Change and Acquisition

When a step change is required, Operating Partners can evaluate the risks and benefits before action is taken and costs incurred.

Value Optimisation

Prior to sale or an investment round, Operating Partners can undertake an expert assessment of a business’s commercial status and the creation of an action plan to resolve any issues.

Other services available

Transition management; leadership, mentoring and coaching; analysis and improvement of sales team effectiveness and enactment of due diligence findings.

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