inspire* is a social business, set up to connect ambitious charities with the resource they need to accelerate their growth, free of charge. We connect the passionate people, enthusiasm and wonderful causes from the not-for-profit sector with the resource, skills and investment from the private sector, so that together, we do good, faster.

By bringing together charity CEOs in small groups, with successful business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs, everyone benefits from peer support and the vast experience and extensive skills of business people who have been there, done it and are wise after the event. Our network of inspired Leaders, our Mentors, our Charities and our Future Leaders have one aim in mind – to waste less time, and to do more good.

So whether you want to be the inspiration, you want to inspire your company or team with more innovative and broader CSR, without taking more of your time; you want to inspire a legacy or you want to be inspired, you will be joining a group of individuals that is making the world a better place.  Click here to find out more.