About Us We work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them become exceptional

What makes us Exceptional?

Aligned with our associate company gunnercooke we like to do things a little differently. Unlike conventional management consultancies, we take a fresh, pioneering approach to supporting our clients with three key points of difference. This forms our brand promise to you.

1. Experience, Experience, Experience

“We firmly believe that no amount of theory can replace years of hands-on experience.”

A track record of successful management and leadership is paramount to becoming part of the gunnercookeConsulting team. With the assurance of knowledge and expertise, combined with multiple years of experience, we can truly advise and support our clients with real authority.

2. Complete Integrity and Accountability

 “We will work with you in an open and transparent way… our client interests always come first.

Integrity and ethics is at the heart of gunnercooke’s philosophy.

We work to a remuneration model that works for you – this means where possible, we will agree fixed fees, performance based fees, or project milestones. Most importantly, once the quote is agreed, it will not change.

3. Continuous, Sustained Support

“We firmly believe that leaving you alone unsupported at the end of an engagement is wrong.

We don’t walk away when a project ends. You will be able to contact us as a sounding board, advisor and member of your team, any time you need to do so. We will return to review the project with you and your team, assessing its success and any adjustments to be made.